We Provide the Auto Detailing Service That You Need

Your car deserves some TLC from time to time. If you want your car to look good for a long time, you should come to J & S Mobile Carwash And Detail for an auto detailing on a regular basis. Our experts in Center Point, AL have a variety of services to offer you. Below is the complete list of the services that we offer.

Mobile Car Wash Service

Mobile Car Wash Service

Full Car Detailing

Both the interior and exterior of the car will be given a deep cleaning. We’ll remove everything on the floor so we can clean everything underneath it. This is an area that’s missed during regular cleaning. With the use of different tools, we’d be able to thoroughly clean the car. We’d apply wax on different surfaces to protect them.

Car Wash

We’d wash the exterior of the car to remove all the dirt and other elements that are stuck on the surfaces. We make sure that we don’t miss any areas at all. You can expect that the exterior of your car will be free from any dirt that was clinging on to it.

Pressure Washing

Areas like the tire and undercarriage are hard to reach. This makes cleaning them hard. With the use of our pressure washing machine, we can thoroughly clean these areas. We can pressure wash the other areas of the exterior of the car as well. We use different water pressure to ensure that surfaces won’t be damaged while we’re cleaning it.

Exterior and Interior Cleaning

The exterior of the car will look good and the interior will look and smell good once we’re done cleaning it. Even the auto glass will look clearer after we clean your car. We use different types of cleaning solutions depending on the materials of the surfaces that we’re cleaning. This way, we don’t have to worry about any damaged surfaces at all.

Full Wax

Once the car is thoroughly cleaned, it has to look clean as well. With the use of the right wax, we can make your car look brand new. The surfaces will have a new layer of protection as well after the wax is applied.

To ensure that you get what you’re paying for, turn to J & S Mobile Carwash And Detail. Call our auto detailing specialists in Center Point, AL at (659) 218-0112 right away.